Raising AKC Siberian Huskies in the Heart of Wisconsin. Puppies occasionally available. WI State Kennel License #271765-DS
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Our Contracts

In addition to the terms on our contract, please read this entire page, as well as our entire Payments page for our full policy and important information.  Below are links to PDF files of the contracts.  The sales contract was revised on 12-01-14.  The Stud Service Contract was revised on 12-23-14.  Should you be interested in breeding to one of our males, please review our Stud Service Contract.


We do not allow our puppies to leave TCK until they are 11-12 weeks of age, the longer they can stay the better.  They will not be allowed to go home until both TCK & our veterinarian feel they are physically and mentally ready to leave.  They will be given two rounds of puppy vaccinations before they go home, the first by our veterinarian, the second by TCK.

Litter picks will start at 3 weeks of age, for those wishing to meet the puppies before making their choice, visits may be scheduled after the pups are 4 weeks old.  This will give deposit holders a chance to see the pups develop before making their decision.  We do request that all picks are made by the time the puppies are 5 weeks old so that we can work on placing the remaining puppies before they are ready to leave TCK.

REMINDER - We do not allow puppies under 4 weeks of age to be handled by anyone other than those of us at TCK or our veterinarians.  If we have a girl in labor, please do not be offended or surprised if we do not allow you to come into the nursery or if we ask you to be very quiet until we are back outside.  Some girls like the nursery to be calm and quiet during the birthing process.  For certain girls, we may even hang a blanket or tarp on the outside of their kennel to allow them extra privacy if we have to bring visitors into the nursery while they are in labor or with their newborns.  This is for their health and comfort.  While you may be disappointed not getting to see a puppy born, or one that was just born the week before, the health of the pups & Momma come first.

We place the health of our puppies first and foremost.  Our puppies will not be allowed to leave TCK unless we are 100% certain they are physically and mentally ready to go to their new homes.  We do not allow our puppies to leave TCK until they are 11-12 weeks of age, the longer they can stay the better.  They will not be allowed to go home until both TCK & our veterinarian feel they are physically and mentally ready to leave.  They will be given their first puppy vaccination before they go home, the first by our veterinarian after they are 10 weeks old.  Under no circumstances will a puppy be able to leave before they are 10 weeks of age.  Before our puppies are allowed to go home, they are given a full exam by our licensed veterinarian where they will receive their 1st set of shots & we'll provide a "Certificate of Veterinary Inspection" as proof of this visit.  If our veterinarian feels they are not ready to go to their new homes, they will not leave until they say it is ok.  Please note, that this means that the date listed for puppies to be available on, is the approximate date.  We reserve the right to hold onto the puppies if we feel they are not ready to go to their new homes.

We require the puppy to be paid in full before it can leave TCK. If the puppies need to be here 2 weeks after the date they are available for pick up, then we do charge boarding fees. This covers the cost of their food, bedding, our labor and they stay on our worming schedule. If the pup should be here when the next vaccinations are due, we'll gladly take care of that. If the puppy is here 30 days after they visited the vet for their healthy puppy check up, they'll need to visit the vet a second time for another health certificate this costs around $40. We charge $50 per week for board.

Our puppies are wormed bi-monthly from the time they are 3 weeks old.  After 10 weeks of age, they transition to our monthly worming schedule.  We guarantee the health of the puppy for 72 hours after they leave TCK, excluding external or internal parasites.  All puppies born at TCK will come already microchipped beginning 5/01/14. Puppy owners are responsible for registering their puppy’s microchip, we will supply you with all necessary information for this process at the time you pick up your puppy. 

Our puppies are AKC registered and are priced at $650 with Limited Registration, or $800 with full rights unless notated.  Puppies will be available to head to their new homes after 10 weeks of age.  Puppies need to be at least 8 weeks old to ship via plane.  Add $450 to the price of the puppy to ship to the lower 48 states. If you would like your pup to fly VIP, Weekends or if your airport only does VIP it is $100.00 extra. Ground shipping is available for $350.  See our Prices & Purchase page for full details and contact information for the ground shipper.

To hold a puppy we require a non-refundable deposit of $200, this deposit may be transferred to another puppy if the original puppy is unavailable for any reason.  This deposit will be applied to the purchase price of said puppy.  Full payment is due before the puppy leaves TCK or the puppy reaches 8 weeks of age.  People with deposits will be given 5 weeks from the date the puppies are born to choose their pick from the litter.  After 5 weeks all puppies from the litter will be available unless no deposits have been received.  TCK reserves the right to first pick of any litter born here.

Please note, by placing a deposit, you are agreeing to all terms within our contract or on our website. Please review our full website & contract before you place your deposit.  We require a signed contract before the puppy is allowed to leave TCK.

Sales Contract Stud Service Contract