Raising AKC Siberian Huskies in the Heart of Wisconsin. Puppies occasionally available. WI State Kennel License #271765-DS
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We are open by appointment only.
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We are a small AKC Siberian Husky Breeder located in North Central Wisconsin. Our Husky adventure began when Niko adopted us in May 2008. We have been producing pups since 2010. We attended our first AKC shows in 2011, we are slowly learning the ropes. We are considering doing some UKC showing to help us learn more.  In hopes of spending more time in the show ring, we have been adding new members to our pack from proven show lines.

We are a State Of Wisconsin Inspected Kennel - License #271765-DS, having passed inspections in November 2011, November 2013, August 2015 and June 2017. On February 1, 2013, we passed our first AKC inspection.

Mail: windrisem@yahoo.com?subject=Two Colors Kennel

Website Updated–


Please note we are in the middle of revamping our website. Please be patient with us as things get done.

Part of the trouble we’ve been having is that some people were unable to see photos of the individual dogs while others had no troubles.

We are currently working on creating individual slide show movies which are being uploaded to Youtube and embedded on the site.  Hopefully this solves that problem.



We are in the Heart of Central Wisconsin. Visitors Welcome By Appointment.
Call: 715-680-0857


We have NO puppies available at this time.  We MIGHT have one litter coming in the next month or so.  If she is indeed pregnant, this will be our last litter until further notice.

We will be moving later this year.  To this end we are placing MOST, but not ALL of our dogs either for sale or lease until things are situated with the new location.  Unless a dog is listed as for sale or for lease, they are NOT available at this time.