Hello there!  Thank you for visiting our website and for considering Two Colors Kennel.  Please bear with us as we are revamping our website!  We are located in North Central Wisconsin.  We currently have no upcoming litters, until further notice we will not have any puppies available.  We are relocating and making some changes to our pack.  Once the dust settles and we are ready to resume raising puppies, we will update our Facebook page and our website.  We do have adults available for adoption as we are restructuring our program with a modified goal in mind.

     Never fear, we will still raise our puppies with the intention of them being well rounded individuals to help them to be good family members in households including children.  We will be raising fewer litters each year, allowing us to dedicate more time to the individual puppies during their time with us.  Starting with the "Bio Sensor Program", our puppies will be exposed to various environments, stimuli, new people as well as other dogs in an effort to help them become well socialized, well behaved puppies.

     Several of our past puppies have become certified therapy and service dogs.  After looking back at who their parents and grandparents are, we have decided to focus our program with relatives and decendants of those individuals.  Having our puppies go on to enrich other people's lives and having them become beloved family members, emotional support, or helpers for those who need an extra hand to go through daily life is our main goal.  

     We will be focusing on maintaining the breed standards in conformation and movement. We do however understand that sometimes an individual may have longer hair than the standard. Our program has never discriminated by eye color, hair color or coat type.  AKC standard dictates that all coat colors and eye colors are accepted.  In the show ring, a Siberian with length of hair exceeding 3", as you see with Woolly coats, is a disqualification.  The gene for hair length does hide in some show lines and will show up from time to time.  Most of the individuals we will be centering our program on as we move forward are of traditional colors and coat length, with traditional or show type body build.

     This means we will be moving away from the racing lines that we've had in our program in years past.  We have found them to be more energetic and as having a differing frame of mind from our focus going forward.  We love our racing lines, but we realize that they are best suited to be working dogs or for highly active individuals who are able to dedicate the time to ensuring that they have sufficent exercise to remain happy and healthy.  

     More details to come on our new location and the future of Two Colors Kennel!  Big changes for 2019!  Thank you for your patience during our transition!